Volunteers Needed for 2023.


We are looking for people to help on Race Day (9/4/23) and the day before (9/3/23), for:

  • Summit of Mt. Baldy water station. (requires a 3-mile hike)
  • Notch Water Station at the Ski Lifts (no hiking required).
  • Start line packet pick-up before the start.
  • Early Packet Pickup on 9/3/23.
  • Race Day Photographer.

All volunteers receive a cotton shirt, with the same race design as the runner’s shirt.

Current Volunteer Positions


Early Packet Pick-up: 9/3/23 3 pm to 6 pm

We need people to sit at tables, outside, but under a pop-up tent for shade, and hand out bibs and shirts. The runners will line up in front of the tables, by last name. The volunteers will look up the name on a spreadsheet and find the bib number and shirt size; then will look for the bib, filed numerically, and pull the shirt from the correct stack of shirts; and then give both the shirt and the bib to the runner.

We will supply refreshments. Volunteers will get a race shirt.

Start Line Packet Pick-up: 9/4/23 5:30 am to 8:15 am

Volunteers are needed to sit at the runner Packet P/U tables to pull bibs and shirts from the boxes to give to the runners. The runners will go to the tables by last name, to pick up their shirts and bibs. The volunteer will look for the runner’s name on a spreadsheet to find the bib number and shirt size. Then the volunteer will pull the bib and the shirt from boxes.

Coffee, tea and a snack will be provided, along with the race shirt and a ski lift ride.

Summit (finish line) water station: 9/4/23 5:30 am to 2 pm

This water station is at the finish line on the summit of Mt. Baldy, at 10,064 feet. Working at this water station requires a 3-mile hike to get there. Volunteers will be driven to the highest point on the mountain in a 4WD vehicle and will hike to the summit from there. When the race is over, volunteers will hike back to the vehicles.

The water station serves water, fruit and snacks to runners. The fruit needs to be cut up and water set out in cups before runners arrive.

Volunteers must be experienced hikers, especially at high altitude. (People with asthma could have difficulty.) Volunteers need to be prepared for any weather conditions. There is no shade or shelter. It may be a sunny day or may be cold and raining.

The Volunteers will receive the Run-to-the-Top t-shirt and transportation (including a ski lift ride down to the parking lot, if desired).

Why do we need volunteers?

Mt. Baldy Town Hall is a non-profit entity and the Run-to-the-Top is its only fundraiser. Volunteers help us to save money and keep the race costs down. We couldn’t hold the Run-to-the-Top without our volunteers. (See What are the benefits to volunteering?)

Who can volunteer?

Volunteers must be 18 year old or older and physically able to hike (for summit volunteers) and stand for the duration.

How much time do volunteers need to commit?

Anytime you can give us would be much appreciated. If you can just let the event manager know how long you are able to be on site that would be really helpful but we need volunteers to both help set up and pack down so don’t worry if you can’t make it for the start of the event.

What are the benefits to volunteering?

The satisfaction of knowing that you are making a valuable contribution to help Mt. Baldy Town Hall raise emergency funds that are used for the Mt. Baldy Community, the Mt. Baldy all-volunteer Fire Department, Search and Rescue organizations, and all the visitors who enjoy the mountains. You will also experience the excitement the runners feel for the Run-to-the-Top. It’s infectious! All of our volunteers have a great time and many come back every year.

What support will volunteers be given?

If you’re volunteering for an aid/water station, either on the summit of Mt. Baldy or at the Ski Lifts, the station captain will contact you before the event to coordinate the schedule and logistics. Parking is available in the Ski Lifts parking lot, and volunteers will be driven to the race course likely in the station captains 4WD vehicle. The summit station captain parks his vehicle as high as a vehicle will go, and everyone hikes the rest of the way—3 miles. After the race, the summit station captain’s and another vehicle will drive the volunteers back to the Notch/ski lifts for the ski lift ride to the parking lot, or they may ride with the station captain all the way back to the parking lot. Volunteers who work the Notch aid station may take the ski lift down, if they wish.

What is the race schedule?

The Run-to-the-Top starts at 8 am and ends at 11 on the summit. The awards ceremony is at approximately 11:30.

What should volunteers bring?

The Notch is at 7,800’ and the summit of Mt. Baldy is at 10,064. Weather is unpredictable, so it’s best to be prepared with a wind breaker or jacket, a cap or hat, gloves, a day back, and sunscreen. The race goes on rain or shine, so check the weather report. If you have questions, please email Tracy Sulkin, Race Director, at mbrun2top@gmail.com. Thank you!

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