Town Hall

In 1976 Mt. Baldy, an unincorporated town with no representative civic government body, established San Antonio Canyon Town Hall (SACTH) as a non-profit 501(c)(4) to not only represent the Mt. Baldy citizens, but also act as a necessary liaison between various government agencies. It had no taxing or law-making authority; therefore, any money it spent would have to be generated by its members, and it was for this reason that SACTH was offered and accepted the Mt. Baldy Run-to-the-Top as its sole fundraiser.

Dorothy Wisely History Center/Mt. Baldy Museum

The funding that the Run-to-the-Top provides allows Town Hall to make annual donations to the all-volunteer Mt. Baldy Fire Department and West Valley Search & Rescue. These two organizations provide emergency services during the race, with personnel positioned at the four aid/water stations and all along the course. Also, with Run-to-the-Top proceeds, Town Hall is able to maintain an emergency fund for disaster relief. In August 2014, Mt. Baldy Village suffered a catastrophic storm. Town Hall was in the position to respond to the needs of residents and the volunteer crews that arrived to clean-up and repair the extensive damage to homes and streets caused by massive flooding and debris flow. We continue to fund safety projects for the local community, such as fire abatement and replacement equipment for the fire department. This also benefits the thousands of weekly visitors who hike, bike, and play in the local wilderness. Town Hall is currently supporting the Mt. Baldy Community Association, a nonprofit organization established to fund the remodeling of the former ranger barracks located in the Mt. Baldy Village. Once completed, the site will be home to the local museum. An artist’s rendering of the planned site is pictured here.

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