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Overall 3 Deep – Male & Female
PRIZES Divisional 3 Deep – Male & Female

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From the 10 freeway, exit Mountain Ave/Mount Baldy Exit and head north up the mountain. Your exit is located in the city of Upland between the 57 Freeway and the 15 Freeway.

From the 15 freeway, take the 210 West and exit on Mountain Ave/Mount Baldy.  Turn right onto Mountain Ave. Remain on Mountain Ave as it winds right and then left. It will turn into Shinn Rd. Turn right/north onto Baldy Rd and follow Baldy Rd. all the way to the end of Baldy Rd.

From the 57 freeway, take the 210 East and exit on Base Line.  Turn left from the off ramp onto Base Line. Turn right at Padua, the first signal light, and head north.  Turn right/north onto Baldy Rd and continue on Baldy Rd all the way to the end of Baldy Rd.

Rules of Conduct

  • Runners must remain on designated trail at all times.
  • Runners returning from finish must yield to those still participating.
  • The use of ski-walking poles is highly discouraged.
  • No pets.





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