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map7+ mile trail run with 4,000 feet of elevation gain. Beginning at about 6,000 feet elevation, the first 1st mile is on paved roadway. This is followed by 3 miles of uphill grade on a dirt service road that travels through a forested canyon and continues above the Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts till it reaches the Devil’s Backbone Trail. The next 3+ miles begin with a narrow “catwalk” along the Devil’s Backbone. Then the trail opens up near Mt. Harwood and trees and other vegetation begin to thin out. The final mile, the steepest, is above timberline. The finish line is atop beautiful Mt. San Antonio (Mt. Baldy) at 10,064 feet. Walk back from the summit to the Notch near Aid Station #2 and enjoy a scenic ride on the Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts down to the parking lot.
Devil's Backbone


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As the sport of trail running becomes more and more popular, we are challenged with accommodating interested runners while minimizing the impact on the environment and the experiences of others on the mountain. The Mt. Baldy Run-to-the-Top has grown to capacity at approximately 650 runners. We have only a little flexibility on this number and would hate to have to turn anyone away. The best way to avoid that possibility is to make the decision to participate in our event well beforehand, register early, and start training.